Holidays, eh? No sooner are we back in the UK, than John has been called away to deal with yet another family drama. So I thought I’d post a couple of pictures from our Guinness brewery tour to cheer us both up.

Mind me harp, I’ll never get to heaven now!Here’s John trying to steal the famous harp.


A perfect pint in the Gravity BarAnd here’s me, just about to sample the perfect pint (in the sparkliest glass) in the Gravity Bar – Dublin’s highest viewpoint. Shame about the weather LOL!

Christmas crackers …

It is now, officially, Christmas Day.  It is 00:12 here in the UK, Roynie and I have drained a couple of bottles and the turkey is well and truly stuffed. The only thing missing is the Christmas crackers for the table.  Please help out with some pathetic two-liner jokes.

Here is my starter for 10.

“Did you hear they have re-named Viagra …? It is now called Mycoxaflopin” (thanks to Anton, our decorator, for this)

Any others in a similar vein gratefully welcomed.  Have a wonderful day.  Happy Christmas.

Mafia Wars Game

Willie asked about games a while back.  Here’s one that Facebook users might enjoy.

How it works is that when you register as a new Don (or Donna), the game pulls together any of your existing friends who are already playing as your “family”.  John and I found we had half a dozen between us, but could do with some reinforcements …