On Board

Hi to everyone on the new site and many thanks to Brigid for setting it up. Look forward to staying in touch.

Bill Francois

5 thoughts on “On Board”

  1. welcome Monsignor Francois
    Hey you guys went for a ride and DID NOT INVITE ME (what the hell) can’t keep to the wing ? what’s the problem here? do I smell bad?
    well it better not happen again OK

    sanfilippo here

  2. Hi Bill, good to see you here. It’s early days and we are still working on the ground rules, but the site looks like it could be fun. Still not sure about the yellow duck theme though … For a laugh, I changed it from a perfectly sober blue and grey theme, but no one seems keen to change it back.

  3. Chris, sorry about the non-invite, but I wasn’t the planner and it was probably a long way to come anyway for a 2 day ride. Maybe next time. As to the weather, us Alaska riders shouldn’t be thinking about putting the 2 wheelers away for another month or 2.

    Brigid, the duck is looking more appropriate as a mascot as I’m certain we have, and will continue, to receive a number of “shots” along the way.


  4. Good man Bill, you lucky DUCK. How have you feckinwell been??

    I love the duck brigid. Can we all have one named after us.

    How about “Group B, The Lame Ducks”????

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