Damm it’s fecken cold here, what happened just last week I was  riding. Oh the downfall of reality. lol   Well  I hope you all went to church, (and ofcourse confessed all your sins) see  if  your  Catholic you can  do that   every week.   waht is everybody doing?   talk to me/

         chris sanfilippo


  1. Went to church this morning. Am all cleaned and pressed for another week. lol.

    Not that cold here (highs in the low sixties), but too wet to enjoy riding. Forecast is calling for more rain for the next week or so. (Don’t say a word, Willie!) Trying to decide whether to just go ahead and put the bike to sleep or keep it awake for another couple of weeks and hope we have some more nice weather.

    Chris, next time you’re going to travel half way to my house, let me know. I can ride (or drive) that far too and we can have lunch together.

    Happy feckin’ Sunday! (Notice that I remembered to speak Irish this time!)

    — john

  2. Hi John
    I got a respons from Rose in the Group B site lol You should read it lol let’s see if can trans ported here

    delete replyrosecdan wrote today at 9:09 AM
    And a HAPPY SUNDAY morning to you my friend. And to Flo also. What the heck have you done? Started your own site? I understand what you’re saying. I heard it over and over on the last Rte. 66 ride last summer but there really isn’t anything Pam or Tony can do about all the other people showing up in our “Inbox”. I don’t like it either but that’s just the way Multiply is set up. It’s not just a simple matter of deleting Brandi – you’d have to delete everyone she has contact with in our group such as George for example. So come on back to the Mother Road Ride/Rally site. We miss you. Rose

    I feel bad that rose is still not understanding what Pam is all about, I invited here here
    maybe she’ll be here soon lol oh well

  3. my response to her
    edit delete replysanfilippochris wrote today at 10:46 AM, edited today at 10:50 AM
    lol Hello Rose
    It’s always a pleasure to hear from you. I’ve did some serious thinking, and the route is not what I thought it was. I was under the impression that people were kind and understanding. No now I think it’s all about the MONEY. I’m upset that the rally didn’t stop at Lucille’s, I’m upset that Tony complaints to me and then doesn’t even stand up and say anything to defend me. Tony and Pam can delete all of Brandi’s contacts, instead they do nothing lol. and then the fiasco that happened in the North . Rose I like a lot of people on the route but the bad now out weighs the good. Don’t worry Flo and I will still come to Willowbrook (just to see you lol) but will probably never ride it again with the present Rally Master.
    Because Multiply really multiplys and hard to have pivacy Brigid started another site, we are all on there, so sad we miss each other but will not chat on rt. 66 Multiply ever wonder why? group B knows why and you know who they are lol you should talk tothem.
    anyways Rose this is the tip of the Iceburg so we should talk face to face
    chris sanfilippo

  4. Chris, If you sent Rose that web address, she will not see our home page – just the log in screen. She only needs the bit. She can then decided whether she thinks we are worth talking to!! LOL.

    With the greatest respect, I don’t think you are right, BTW. Why would Pam and/or Tony be able to delete another Multiply member’s contacts? The problem is the way Multiply is set up – this insane idea that one actually wants to connect with people one has no interest in. You can stop Brandi’s family’s messages showing up in your inbox by unchecking the box saying show messages from friends of friends at the top of your inbox – but that doesn’t stop them seeing your messages. Out of interest, did you realise you can see who has looked at your Group B message? If you are logged in, you can scroll to the bottom of the thread and you can see how many people have viewed your message and even who the last people were who looked at it.

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