Photo of the week – wheezy rider

In lieu of Chris’ Sunday message today, how about we start a weekly photo contest.  Here’s my “starter for 10”, from yesterday’s Times. I’ll call it “Less is more, more or less …?” Here’s the link to the associated article about mature Japanese bikers. Wheezy rider

4 thoughts on “Photo of the week – wheezy rider”

  1. Nice pic but I think I can beat that but I don’t know how to post a pic, lol
    and by the way

    it’s thanksgiving here in CANADA
    how is is everyone?
    chris ssanfilippo

  2. Hi Chris, Where were YOU yesterday?! I was worried you had deserted us already LOL. Rose told me that it didn’t look as if anyone was using this site any more than Multiply. I was beginning to have a bit of a crisis of confidence.

    This site isn’t as good for carrying on a single thread, as new comments quickly get lost as the original post drops out of sight. But you’ll have to post a brand new thread anyway, in order to add your pic. I have slightly rewritten the instructions I gave on the Small Print page. I think they are pretty eejit-proof – can you beta-test them for me? LOL

    Happy Thanksgiving BTW


  3. >

    Hmmm. Is that sort of like when someone gives you directions on how to get to some place and then adds: “Don’t worry; you can’t miss it!” (I generally take that as a challenge!)

    And what is the matter with you Canadians?? EVERYONE knows that Thanksgiving comes in November! I’m not sure I want to own a Canadian anymore, no matter how cheap they are. Too dumb! LOL.

    — john

  4. Listen here Mr. Stoughton we need Thanksgiving early here in CANADA because now it’s SO COLD I’m NOT thankful anymore. BRRR BRRRR
    Can’t even put the bikes away What Happened????
    but alas there is a glimmer of hope lol buy this weekend the weather man and in our case the weather woman sys it’s going to WARM UP maybe we shall taje that window and put all our or in this case my bikes away all 6 of them lol
    see ya all later chris sanfilippo
    ps don’t worry about Rose she’ll be on our site I was on Multiply and it’s the same as ours everybody is having babies. Except with the exception that this baby on our site is almost family lol

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