Captions please …

Here is a great picture of John’s new grandson, Jamie: born 6.59am, 13 October 2009: 8lbs 14oz.  Poor little mite couldn’t keep any food down, due to an infection – hence the canula in his left hand.  Even so, he’s giving his mum a very “old fashioned look” for one so young! What is he thinking?

Jamie Croydon: born 6.59am, 13 October 2009, 8lbs 14oz

4 thoughts on “Captions please …”

  1. Willie get a hold of yourself. Youre too old fashioned blue pink white this 2009
    what did you want a orange white and green blanket.

    Did you guys see George inally broke silence on multiply

    take care
    chris sanfilippo

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