3 thoughts on “Everybody wants her to be their wife”

  1. Thought you might enjoy this: Somali man, ‘112’, weds girl, 17. Brings a whole new definition to the expression “dirty old man”!!! The bride looks suitably radiant, don’t you think?

    Reminds me, when my mother was in Intensive Care, there was a very sick-looking old man in the neighbouring room. He obviously had respiratory problems and spent most of the time wearing an oxygen bell over his head. His wife sat with him for hours each day, knitting or doing crosswords. The funny thing was that my aunt knew them both.

    Auntie Margaret remembered sitting next to ‘him’ at a rather grand dinner party in South Africa a few years ago and he had told her that he had just married the love of his life. They were both aged 88. Naturally, Auntie congratulated him, but cannot remember what she said next. However, whatever it was, she says he must have misheard her, as she only too clearly remembers his reply … “I can assure you, I am able to satisfy my wife!” My aunt, aged a youthful 70-something was, for a rare moment, stunned into silence. The very thought of these two old wrinklies … She said it quite put her off her desert!

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